Alliance Rules

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Alliance Rules

Post by Djehuti on Tue Feb 23, 2016 7:44 am

As Orcs who call home to the Orken Coast and its surrounding territories, we exist to serve the Always-Chiefs. Kin to the Drek-Hhakrall and Free Orcs, our members are encouraged to play their characters in the spirit of the Orc race described in the Illyriad Histories; Character stories and role-play are not required by any means, but it is welcomed.

Council of Five: The ruling Hierarchy for allied Clans.  It is made up of the five most loyal and active Warchiefs and together decides future military, economic, geopolitical tendencies and expansion.  The vote rules all decisions.

Basic Rules:

*No improper language or subjects in chat or on the message forums (here)

*Log in at least once every 30 days – failure to do so without prior notification may result in your being removed from the alliance.

*Consult with the alliance before taking aggressive action against any other player.

*City relocation to the alliance cluster (The Orken Coast/Shardlands/surrounding territories) is strongly urged in order to fully symbolize the alliance flavor and character

*There is a 10-square rule when relocating near other alliance members unless permitted by the other member

*Do not place a city within another alliances land claim, as represented on the Land Claim Map, unless given permission from the controlling alliance.

*Before relocating please message the Mad Uruk Kraul, Mau Kishaulus, or Uruk Mog with coordinates

*Support is a requirement in both military and economic ventures.  Communication is important

*As an Orc-themed alliance, we focus primarily on the recruitment of Orc members - Experience is not required, as we are willing to train new players. Non-Orc players may be admitted to the alliance on a case-by-case basis.

*Orcish names and flavor are highly recommended as there are lots of random name generators online

*Any player input is most welcome

*Respect any NAP in place - do not harvest where a NAP has placed an army or sov without seeking permission to do so first.

*Our alliance maintains the 10-tile territory rule with our cities, in respects to non-alliance city placement, sovereignty establishment, army occupation, hunting, and gathering.

*When sending your units (military or harvesting), respect the terms put forth by other alliances land claims or harvesting rules (unless otherwise noted by leadership). When no defined restrictions are put in place by the other alliance (either on their alliance profile, or the specific alliance members page) honor the 5-square rule when harvesting or hunting around their cities.

*Work towards placing a trader within the faction hub of Kachak, as well as the commonly used Centrum. Additional traders are recommended throughout the trade hubs suggested on our in-game alliance page or the Trade District forum, though not required.

*Improper following of the rules and inactivity can mean expulsion

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