Blackrock Blades' Current Ranks

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Blackrock Blades' Current Ranks

Post by Grrosh O'ssk on Mon Feb 06, 2017 10:24 pm

Below, are is the current ranking system used by Blackrock Blades and the qualifications and requirements to attain them.

1) To be a [B|B] member one must have their current city tiles surrounded by all-plains.  Hills are also accepted but not desired.  Some exceptions can be granted on this depending or if the member is currently repositioning or is planning on it.

2) There are no minimum population requirements to be considered for [B|B].  There are no population requirements.

3) Online activity is a must.  No member of [B|B] can be offline more than one week unless a sitter is appointed.  RL happens but let's make sure others can access you account if needed.

4) A current Slack account on The Order of the Orc channel is required.  Communication and timing is crucial.

[B|B] members will also have access to alliance prestige.

Current Ranks:

Below are the current ranks for  [B|B]:

1) Genrûl - 'General'  - The standing general of the [B|B].  Promoted by The Council of the Five.

2) Mautor Mog - 'Lieutanant's Voice' - This is a special position utilized as needed.  The Mautor Mog directly advises the Genrul and can lead in his absence.

3) Mautor - 'Lieutanant' - These are members that are currently ready for war and have shown leadership qualities.  60 days of membership is required to be considered for Mautor.

3) Pizbûr - 'Serjeant' - They participate in pvp and led by the Mautors.  They can be promoted to Mautor.  

4) Pagamarras - 'Mercenary' - Non-orc members that rank as serjeants.  However, non-orcs can also be Mautors.  

5) Zotan-lufutar - 'Warlord' - These are temporary members from confeds or other alliances that wish to join [B|B] to fight in any current war.

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