Advanced City Building - 40k+ Population City

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Advanced City Building - 40k+ Population City

Post by Djehuti on Fri Jun 16, 2017 4:19 am

This is a first draft at a self-sustaining 40k pop city, for the purposes of either reaching 40-43 cities on a single account by using the layout in every city, or bolstering population to compensate for other lower population cities when trying to reach the next population requirement for a new city.

For a player new to the game, this design is not recommended for your first few cities, as it does not provide any use other than high population. Players wanting to make every city 40k+ pop in order to get the maximum cities achievable on a single account are encouraged to use an alt to allow for participating in other aspects of the game (trade, crafting, tournaments, war, etc) as well as to maintain the x2 geomancers for casting on the 40k cities and allowing for consistent resource shipments for growing.

This design is meant for a player with enough prestige to afford to keep the five prestige boosts to resources (wood, clay, iron, stone, and food) on at all times once the city reaches its final stages and res up-keeps raise. This is 20 prestige per week, a little over a prestige scrap a month (recently selling for between 20-27 million gold). It's also built with the anticipation of maintaining a bleed of -2000 to -5,000 gold p/h, so the availability of approx 4 million gold per month from other sources is recommended.

In the process of completing this city, one will need to build a barracks (to claim sov), consulate (scribes of allembine discovery), and will likely want a marketplace (either ship out excess res to hubs, or store caravans at hub to ship res out as needed), all of which will be demolished at the final stages of the city building.

Note: Until one is certain they are happy with the sov setup of the city, a reserve of troops should be maintained, as once the barracks is demolished, commanders cannot be resurrected and troops cannot be replaced. Players with cities near hostile NPC factions be aware. Spear and/or Infantry troops are recommended, to take advantage of the Spearmens Billets and Infantry Quarters bonus.

Additional Note: Your caravans remain after the marketplace is destroyed, but they cannot be replaced and travel very slow. Your diplomats remain to defend, but cannot be sent out on missions.

I haven't played much with the variations yet, but I suspect the following (unrelated) options to be true:

*If, when the warehouse is red-lined in all basic resources, the tax rate can be raised to 100% for around 48 hours, and then switched back between 0% and 7%, this should produce enough gold (163,988 p/h) to maintain the negative hourly gold drain until the basic resources have restocked and the process can be repeated. Research points may become an issue if large reserves are not present.

*This current build has all 5 prestige bonuses applied to basic resource production. As it stands, I can either cancel the 20% magic boost (cast from another city, currently on wood), or not use a prestige boost and replace it with the magic.

*To jump to 43,999 population with minimal upkeep (shipping in resources from elsewhere), I can replace the flourmill (losing a 40% food bonus) with another trade center. Lowering the tax further will allow for a little more sov to be claimed for food, and the 20% magic boost can be switched to food.

*Farther out high value food sov's can be replaced with lower value (but cheaper) sov locations nearby. This will allow for more RP per hour, and the potential to raise taxes to a level high enough to cover the current hourly gold bleed.



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