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Post by Djehuti on Thu Jul 06, 2017 1:02 am

Here is a list of guides written my different players at different points throughout the Illyriad history. Each offers a unique perspective, while offering tips and strategies towards successful building.

When reading through these different guides, it's important to remember that this is a sand-box MMORP, so there are very few things that can really be considered wrong choices in the long term of the game. The point of the newbie guides, mainly, is to make players aware of the basic functions of the game early on, and offer suggestions on how to efficiently reach certain goals within the game. The vast majority of what specific path to take is up to you, based on your interests and goals.

Official Game Forums wrote:

   Newbie Guide (Part 1)
   Posted by tallica - 14 May 2011

   Newbie Guide (Part 2)
   Posted by tallica - 14 May 2011

   Starting Illyriad: An Alternative Newbie Guide
   written by Auraya, edited by Mithyn,
   dwarf advice contributed by Smoking Gnu & Fluffeh,
   orc advice contributed by BenDunder

   Do it your own way - the anti-guide
   Posted by Solonar

   Tips for new players
   Posted by Manannan - 14 May 2011

   City Development For New Players
   Posted by Llyr - 28 Dec 2012
   Joining an Alliance
   Posted by Mara Zira - 05 Sept 2011

   Military for New Players
   Posted by The Electrocutioner - 23 Jun 2013

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