Quest: Big Game Hunter - July-11-2017 to July-18-2017

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Quest: Big Game Hunter - July-11-2017 to July-18-2017

Post by Djehuti on Wed Jul 12, 2017 2:19 am

A sloppily written task nailed to the Quest Board reads:

Once again, the Drek-Hhakral hunters have brought the bigger and stronger animal parts to sell at the faction market. Where is your honor, Orc Hunters?!

Show them our warriors are not afraid to go after the strongest game! Whichever elite army can fell the most Elder Scutters with a single strike will be paid in gold and honored by having their kill presented at the next faction market.

Quest Difficulty - Easy/Medium

Requirements for Quest Victory - A largest single kill combat report against the Elder Scutter unit using only Elite divisions between July 10th and July 17th (server time).

Rewards - 3,000,000 Gold

Claiming Reward: IGM successful report(s) to Djehuti the Silent with the subject header: BIG GAME HUNTER. Failure to submit correct report within a timely manner and/or without the correct subject header may result in forfeiture of Quest Reward(s).

Do NOT spam my inbox with every single attempt - ONLY submit your biggest kill report (players will be allowed 1 replacement submission, incase a late kill turns out to be bigger than one submitted earlier).



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