Quest: Big Game Hunter - July-11-2017 to Aug-30-2017

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Quest: Big Game Hunter - July-11-2017 to Aug-30-2017

Post by Djehuti on Wed Jul 12, 2017 2:34 am

A note, stained in what smells like rotting meat, nailed to the Quest Board reads:

Rats! Rats everywhere!

That roaming traders must have sold me cursed meats! Now I have every room in my home filled with delicious warm meat, but the rats just won't go away!

Please, help me rid myself of this burden - Kill as many of these vermin found in and around my beloved city as possible!

Quest Difficulty - Easy/Medium

Requirements for Quest Victory - 3 successful kill reports of Rats found on the 8 tiles adjacent to the city of 02. Bur-Kordatar @ -34|-2823 between July 11th and Aug 30th (server time).

Rewards - Only 1 Quest Victory per account:
1,000,000 Gold
x5 Boar Spear
x5 Animal-Scale Armour
x5 Riding Horse

Claiming Reward: IGM successful report(s) to Djehuti the Silent with the subject header: BIG GAME HUNTER. Failure to submit correct report within a timely manner and/or without the correct subject header may result in forfeiture of Quest Reward(s).

Quest-giver will not be responsible for keeping track of each of the 3 separate IGM confirmations - gather all 3 first, then mail them one after another to the Quest-giver with the appropriate subject line.


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