Quest: Faction Hunter - July-11-2017 to Aug-31-2017

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Quest: Faction Hunter - July-11-2017 to Aug-31-2017

Post by Djehuti on Wed Jul 12, 2017 2:41 am

The Mad Uruk Kraul storms into the council chambers brimming with venomous rage

"Hide behind their obsidian walls with their dark magicks, thinking the Great Orc tribes will have forgotten it was them who brought the Sundering upon us!"

"But, they leave those unbreachable walls to perform their dark rituals each midnight under the New and Full Moons! Wait until then, and strike hard! I want proof of their demise before the seasons end!"  

Infuriated, the Orc Chief makes a swift exit from the chambers, offering up no further information as to who a bounty has just been placed upon.

Quest Difficulty - Medium

Requirements for Quest Victory - Each player to submit a successful combat report against the required faction units from between 23:59:30 and 00:00:30 (server time) under a New or Full Illy Moon before the Fall season.

1,000,000 Gold
x5 Ebony-Hilt Sword
x5 Midnight Armor
x5 Riding Horse

Claiming Reward: IGM successful report(s) to Djehuti the Silent with the subject header: FACTION HUNTER. Failure to submit correct report within a timely manner and/or without the correct subject header may result in forfeiture of Quest Reward(s).


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