Quest: Marked for Death - Aug-1-2017 to Aug-15-2017

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Quest: Marked for Death - Aug-1-2017 to Aug-15-2017

Post by Djehuti on Wed Jul 12, 2017 2:51 am

The Mad Uruk Kraul calmly exits from the Council Chambers and gives order to a henchmen standing by.

"There is an Elf Commander named 'Eld, the Over-Achiever' from the city of Gula that has shown exceptional quality, even for a lesser race."

"Kill him."

The Orc Chief saunters back towards the Council Chambers, stopping briefly to add, "Make it quiet. Let them wonder if it was by fate or the hands of the Orc Masters."

Quest Difficulty - Easy/Medium

Requirements for Quest Victory - Successfully assassinate the commander named 'Eld, the Over-Achiever' from the city 03. Gula Valley (-45|-2846) between August 1st and August 15th (server time).

Rewards - Every player to obtain a Quest Victory for this task will receive:
1000 Books
1000 Saddles
1000 Horses

Special Conditions:
Only Diplomatic Units (excluding Thieves and Saboteurs) may be used on the city.

Claiming Reward: IGM successful report to Djehuti the Silent with the subject header: MARKED FOR DEATH. Failure to submit correct report within a timely manner and/or without the correct subject header may result in forfeiture of Quest Reward(s).



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