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Post by Djehuti on Mon Feb 08, 2016 12:15 am


Claristine --> Prestige Parchment

Deepsilver --> Prestige Page

Earthblood --> Prestige Tome

Iceheart --> Light Sword, Spiked Sword, Iron-Banded Spear, Light Spear, Trident, Splintmail, Vanguard's Armour, Extra Light Chainmail, Light Chain Armour, Master-Crafted Chainmail, Reinforced Chainmail, Light Platemail, Reinforced Platemail

Obsidian --> Obsidian Blade, Obsidian-Tipped Spear, Obsidian Platemail

Pyrestone --> Prestige Scrap

Rainbow Stone --> Prestige Scroll

Silversteel --> Silversteel Sword, Silversteel Spear, Silversteel Chainmail, Dwarven Champion's, Silversteel Platemail

Svelaugh Sand --> Prestige Book

Trove --> Prestige Codex


Ancient Oak --> Boar Spear, Dragon Spear, Trident

Brascan Seeds --> Extra Heavy Armour, Hardened Leather, Master-Crafted Chainmail

Brownback Moss --> Prestige Scroll

Ebony Wood --> Ebony-Hilt Sword, Ebony Bow, Ebony Spear

Furzion Seedpod --> Prestige Page

Giant Palm Leaves --> Desert Armour, Desert Chainmail, Master-Crafted Chainmail, Desert Platemail

Ironstem Root --> Prestige Tome

Larken Wood --> Elven Spirit Bow, Poacher's Bow

Lemonwood Bough --> Three-Wood Bow

Pale Cedar Wood --> Three-Wood Bow

Rahan Palm --> Desert Pike

Queen's Hair Leaves --> Over-Padded Armour; Over-Padded Chainmail; Under-Padded Platemail

Sharproot --> Prestige Scrap

Silverthorn --> Prestige Parchment

Spidertree Leaves --> Cloth-Backed Leather, Cloth-Backed Chainmail

Suntree Haft --> Prestige Codex

Vistrok Flowers --> Prestige Book


Air Salt --> Chitin-Cored Bow, Ebony Bow, Hero's Bow, Composite Bow, Leopard Gut Bow, Mammoth Tusk Bow, Dragon Spear

Earth Salt --> Extra Heavy Armour, Midnight Armour, Sun-Burnished Armour, Extra-Heavy Chainmail, Silversteel Chainmail, Ancient Pattern Armour, Dwarven Champion's Armour, Obsidian Platemail, Silversteel Platemail

Fire Salt --> Obsidian Blade, Orc Marauder's Sword, Reinforced Sword, Silversteel Sword, Spiked Sword

Water Salt --> Desert Pike, Harpoon-Spear, Iron-Banded Spear, Jungle Hunter's Spear, Obsidian-Tipped Spear, Silversteel Spear


Anaconda Skin --> Jungle Bow, Jungle Spear

Arctic Wolf Fur --> Fur-Lined Chainmail

Arctic Wolf Tooth --> Harpoon-Spear

Baboon Fur --> Seaxe, Rapid-Draw Bow, Dueling Spear

Black Bear Fur --> Mountain-Tribe's Sword, Hero's Bow

Black Panther Fur --> Midnight Armour

Brown Bear Fur --> High-power bow; Mountain Bow; Mountain Spear

Brown Bear Heart --> Prestige Scroll

Fire Salamander Skin --> Arctic Bow; Arctic Spear

Gharial Tooth --> Fang-Barbed Sword; Fang-Barbed Spear; Spiked Platemail

Giant Beetle Carapace --> Animal-Scale Armour; Highland Armour; Highland Chainmail; Highland Plate Mail

Giant Rat Fur --> Short Sword; Hunter's Bow; Woodsman's Bow; Forrester's Spear

Giant Rat Heart --> Prestige Scrap

Giant Scorpion Exoskeleton --> Plainsman's Armour; Plainsman's Platemail

Giant Scuttler Exoskeleton --> Razor-Edged Sword; Razor-Edged Spear

Giant Scuttler Heart --> Prestige Codex

Golden Monkey Fur --> Jungle Armour; Jungle Platemail; Jungle Chainmail

Ice Salamander Skin --> Desert Bow; Desert Spear

Jaguar Fur --> Longsword; Battle Spear

Leopard Entrail --> Leopard Gut Bow

Mammoth Tusk --> Mammoth Tusk Bow

Poisonous Crawler Exoskeleton --> Animal-Scale Armour; Upland Armour; Hillsman's Chainmail; Upland Platemail

Poisonous Crawler Mandible --> Chitin-Crafted Shortsword

Polar Bear Fur --> Fur-Lined Platemail

Puma Fur --> Battle Sword; Marksman's Bow; Defender's Spear

Salamander Fang --> Fang-Tipped Spear

Scaled Charger Heart --> Prestige Tome

Scaled Charger Scale --> Animal-Scale Armour; Forester's Armour; Plainsman's Chainmail; Woodsman's Chainmail; Forester's Platemail

Scaled Charger Vertebra --> Barbarian Sword; Plains Bow; Plainsman's Spear

Scritcher Carapace --> Chitin-Cored Bow

Scritcher Heart --> Prestige Book

Simien Wolf Fur --> Extra Light Armour; Light Leather

Snow Leopard Fur --> Fur-Lined Armour

Wild Dog Bone --> Bone Handled Sword; Machete; Scimitar

Wild Dog Fur --> Adventurer's Sword; Hillsman's Bow; Hill-Tribe Spear; Jungle Hunter's Spear

Wild Dog Heart --> Prestige Parchment

Wolf Heart --> Prestige Page

Wolf Tooth --> Orc Marauder's Sword

Wolf Fur --> Sabre; Long-Draw Bow; Pike

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