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Post by Djehuti on Wed Jul 12, 2017 12:20 am

Topics Include:
-What We Want
-Who to Contact
-We're regional / Options for Relocating near the Alliance
---Join a Training Alliance
---Join Order of the Orc Immediately
-Prestige/Steam Users

Order of the Orc is looking for active Orc players, both new and experienced to the game, with interests in Military play (both Tournaments/Events and Alliance War). Trade/Crafting/Hunting/Gathering Players are welcomed as well, though we do ask they maintain at least modest armies in their cities once capable.  All members are expected to participate in alliance defense and tournaments (as permitted by RL), place their cities in defendable locations primarily in or around the heart of the Alliance (Southern Broken Lands), and log in regularly.

Players should also consider that the Broken Lands - the newest expansion to the map, less developed and more volatile - tends to host more openly-aggressive conflict as different alliance seek to gain land, power, and glory there. One considering making the BL their home should familiarize themselves with the Land Claims Map.

Players can contact the [H] Mad Uruk Kraul, [H] Mau Kishaulus, or [B|B] Genrul for an alliance invitation. Anyone interesting in joining should familiarize themselves with the information found in the Alliance Information forum.

Players wanting to join Order of the Orc should note that we are a regional alliance, clustered primarily in Orken Coast and Shardlands, with expansion empires throughout the southern Broken Lands (the lower continent on the World Map).

There are two recommended paths one can take to efficiently move out from the newbie ring and into alliance territory.

Join a Training Alliance

Not only does a good training alliance offer information and support, but they are setup in mass around the newbie ring area (where all players new to the game spawn in) for speedy resource shipments from a variety of sources.

Your goal within the training alliance, along with learning the basics of the game, would be to get your first city to unlock Exodus and Siege Encampment technologies, have a second city settled on a desirable resource distribution and ready for teleport, and have a 3rd city captured with Exodus technology researched.

Different training alliances in this game offer different experiences and goals, so be sure to let them know from the start your intentions, and make sure what they offer and ask for works inline with your own needs. Players can contact Order of the Orc leadership for recommendations based on immediate goals.

After your cities are ready to be moved, you can contact Alliance leadership to arrange an alliance invitation to Order of the Orc.


Join Order of the Orc Immediately

If you'd rather bypass the training alliance and jump right into our Horde, you have the option to do so.

This is a more costly option, in the long-run, as to join immediately a player is required to use their Tenarils Teleport spell to instantly move their city into the alliance area (also taking with you the less-than-ideal starting city resources of 3|7|5|5|5 for an Orc) - a member of leadership will assist you in finding a suitable location. From there, nearby allies can feed you as may resources as you can hold to get your 2nd and 3rd cities underway, and to unlock Exodus in your first town and move it onto a better resource distribution (optional, but recommended).

We have a handful of members gracious enough to have left cities in the northern half of the world (Elgea, upper continent on the World Map) that can help players reach Exodus technology (res to upgrade Storehouse to 15, then Warehouse level 20) instead of using their Tenarils Teleport if desired (or just while awaiting the end of the newbie 1-week protection). However, there are far fewer of these players up north compared to whats available in the southern BL heartland of the alliance, so players wanting to build as quickly as possible (without having to spend all their Prestige on speeding caravan shipments) are recommend to relocate down south as soon as able.

Prestige Users

If you're a prestige user, let us know. Your budgeting needs and desired speed of growth can impact recommendations for early growth.

Steam Users - Though tempting, it is recommended that players refrain from spending the 200 bonus Prestige (given for purchasing the Steam client version) on new city skins and character profile add-ons. Prestige can be very valuable when used efficiently, assisting in unlocking more aspects of the game early on. When your Empire becomes established and you can afford to buy Prestige off the ingame Market with Gold, then you can customize aesthetics.

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