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Post by Djehuti on Wed Jul 12, 2017 1:35 am

Order of the Orc is composed primarily of active Orc players, both new and experienced to the game, with interests in Military play (both Tournaments/Events and Alliance War). Trade/Crafting/Hunting/Gathering Players are welcomed as well, so long as they maintain at least modest armies in their cities once capable for tournaments and alliance defense.

Ours is an Orc Themed alliance, embracing the rich Illyriad lore into our gaming styles. The Always-Chief said Orcs are to enslave the other races, so we do allow a handful of non-Orc races into the alliance (primarily alts of current Orc members, or established non-Orc accounts in the areas we have/are expanding the alliance) who are willing to submit themselves to the might of the Orc.

Our primary focus is to ensure we have a sizable empire capable of defending itself amidst the potential chaos that is Broken Lands. With the rise of player-run (and the return of DEV run) tournaments, in the last year Order of the Orc has begun to strive for a #1 position in these events. In the last 3 tournaments, we achieved 4th, 5th, and 3rd (in that order), and improved our overall occupation times and regional victories each time. Order of the Orc recruits 'mercenaries' to share in the glory during tournament times, as membership capacity allows - Contact the Mad Uruk Kraul for more information.

Our History...
This alliance begun as Blackrock Orcs [BRO] in late 2014, formed by 4 real-life friends new to the game. Clustering and recruiting from the areas of the Orken Coast, this little group gathered more members over the next few months, gaining a little game experience and knowledge along the way.

Within a year, 3 of the original 4 members had left the game, including the alliance founder and second-in-command. No longer having access to the full alliance permissions, the remaining members came together and reformed into a new alliance, The Horde [HORDE]. The responsibilities of alliance leadership, direction, and upkeep was shared by a few members until a suitable replacement could be found to be deemed the Great Orc Chief.

Later, another upstart Orc alliance was founded, Order of the Orc [OoRC], and communications began between us and them continued for some time before resulting in an alliance merger, forming what is now Order of the Orc [HORDE]. With this merger, a Council of Five was established to oversee alliance matters.

The time since then has shown great expansion for Order of the Orc [HORDE], between heavy recruitment efforts, a growing reputation for Tournament involvement, and the absorption of two other alliances prominent in the Orken Coast/Shardlands regions: Oblivion [FATE] and Broken Blades [B|B]. We are now a Top-20 Alliance by a variety of ranking standards on the Alliance Leaderboard stats page, and are making our way to top 5 in all prominent categories.

Order of the Orc history is still being written - for those who wish to be a part of it, consider joining us!


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