Relocation to the Orken Coast (or nearby)

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Relocation to the Orken Coast (or nearby) Empty Relocation to the Orken Coast (or nearby)

Post by Djehuti on Mon Feb 08, 2016 12:32 am

This message is to assist new members with their options for relocation to the Orken Coast.

In order to a move your empire from the newbie ring down to the Orken area, a player essentially has 3 options:

1) Tenarils Teleport
2) Exodus
3) Settle & Destroy

It is recommended that you understand the basic mechanics of all your options before picking one. This game has plenty of different options and paths to choose from, which often translates to a decent amount of reading (both through game messages and help forums). The drawback to this is when you ask a question to a veteran player, you will not likely get a direct answer - instead, you will get a variety of options, and it comes down to you to pick the one that best fits your gaming style. We have tried to limit this message to the essentials points, as links to more in-depth information can be found on our alliance page.


Tenarils Teleport is a fast option, though you can only use this once for your entire account. This method will transport your city in its current form to a destination of your choice, keeping the resource plots you already have and bringing them to the new tile (example: if your starting city has 5 wood, 5 clay, 5 iron, 5 stone, and 5 food, but the destination tile has 3 wood, 5 clay, 5 iron, 5 stone, and 7 food, when your city lands it will have the 5|5|5|5|5 resources that you brought with you). Because it can be used only once, many players feel this option should be considered a last resort for relocation, and/or used in conjunction with terraforming to maximize the use. Though, this is only suggested if you think you'll be playing this game for a while.

If you’re more of a casual gamer, or have little interest in growing a 10+ city empire, teleporting your current 5food city is more than fine, as you won’t feel the effects of the population difference for a while. Additionally, some people may have their own reasons for wanting to remain on a 5 food city. There is an argument for not building on 7 food squares because of possible issue with basic resources (regarding buildings and sov that require hourly res upkeep). Without the limitations on basic resources it is easier to make basic equipment and to support the sovereignty needed to build troops fast. In a war, the ability to replace troops quickly can be more important than the ability to support a large standing army.


Exodus can be a long process, requiring a level 20 warehouse (which requires a level 15 storehouse), as well as the 5 day exodus research. Once performed, Exodus will de-level any building greater than level 12 back down to level 12. When Exodus’ing a city, that city will leave the resource plots they started with behind, and adopt the resources of the tile they are moving to (example: if your starting city has 5 wood, 5 clay, 5 iron, 5 stone, and 5 food, but the destination tile has 3 wood, 5 clay, 5 iron, 5 stone, and 7 food, when your city lands it will have the 3|5|5|5|7 resources of the destination tile).

More information and restrictions regarding Exodus can be found here: and here:


A third option for getting your entire empire down south in a relatively short amount of time is to use a settler to found your second city in the area you’d like to permanently grow (once you’ve reached 450 population), and then have someone siege and destroy your first town. Once the first town is destroyed, the requirement to build another city will once again be 450 population – this will essentially be starting over, except this time your new city will be surrounded by allies (if you picked a destination near the alliance). Obviously, it can be a little sad seeing your first city demolished, as that means any research you’ve completed will have to be re-researched within your new city. However, for some people, the ability to have nearby allies that can easily supply you with resources far outweighs the loss of the first town, and achieving the 450 population once again takes very little time (less than a week for active players) in comparison to the effort involved in reaching the exodus technology.

Regardless of the option you choose, if you require further assistance, please don't hesitate to ask.


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