Member Inactivity Policy

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Member Inactivity Policy

Post by Djehuti on Mon Mar 06, 2017 6:15 am

Order of the Orc will be enforcing new standards towards our inactive members policy beginning in August 2017.

To avoid being removed from the alliance:

Anyone ranked Uruk Dajal or Elavi Dajal will be expected to log in at least once a week

Uruk-hai and Elavi ranks must log in at least once every 2 weeks

Mau, Zogtar, Pagamarras, and higher ranks may be given up to 30 days without login

After 55 days inactive your account will be considered abandon, regardless of rank or size. Order of the Orc reserves the right to pillage, raze, capture, or otherwise target it at our discretion.

Inactive/Abandoned Accounts - Unless otherwise noted on the persons profile or city names, cities on accounts with their most recent Player History alliance as Order of the Orc are claimed by Order of the Orc to do with as they see fit.

While the above rules are to be considered the standard, players who only log in the minimum amounts over a long period of time may also be subject to removal with notification from the alliance at the discretion of alliance leadership. While we are not eager to remove anyone from the alliance, we do intend to give preference towards active players when dealing with the alliance capacity limits.

Players who are expecting a long absence from the game should notify alliance leadership, and consider appointing a sitter to their account to avoid auto-deletion. Notification of an expected absence is not a guarantee an account will not be removed from the alliance if new member space is required, but it does mean we will not authorize hostilities on the city until just before its auto-deletion (according to the games rules governing inactivity)

Should a player be removed from the alliance, only to return to the game at a later date, that player is more than welcome to contact us again to be accepted back within our ranks.

Leadership may choose to enforce these new policies on an as-needed basis, in efforts to keep the alliance active and growing.


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